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In-store Promotions 
Have static SALE signs had their day? NO….However, they are static and limited to
what information is printed on the sign.
Microstudios can assist by providing inexpensive video/audio promotions that can pass
all your messages to prospective clients with the assistance of inexpensive new
technology. The promotions can be as aggressive as needed and can be re-used or
inexpensively modified as frequently as required.
Benefits of new Technology and Innovations :
* New cheap digital photo frames and LCD flat panel screens
allow a bright and appealing display with a small footprint.
These can be mounted just about anywhere from a counter to a
front door.
* New projectors with the use of an innovative clear film allow
the projecting of images directly onto your window display or
glass doors. These are now inexpensive options with great appeal.
* Modern projectors are very versatile and open a myriad of new marketing
opportunities. Projectors can also be used to attract attention by displaying images on
the entrance floor of a store (where suitable) or even a footpath at night.
* New professional digital video cameras allow for exceptional quality footage.
* Current editing software allows for quick video editing, dramatically reducing the cost
of a production.
* DVDs now allow for continuous uninterrupted playing of footage without quality loss
and the wear and tear of old video tape technology.
* DVDs are now inexpensive to produce.
Microstudios initiatives for the Retail Industry:
We create productions that can be updated regularly and suitable to be displayed in
many locations and in various formats.
* An LCD screen or projector display can be used in your shop front window to promote
new products, sale items or inform customers of services you provide 24/7.
* During sale promotions - we produce inexpensive video sale signs that will get as
much notice as you need. This is achieved by using both colour and effects. The video
signs can provide as much information as you want them to. Projectors can be used to
display footage on the front entrance floor, customers cannot walk past without noticing
your message.
* The use of very small inexpensive LCD photo frames placed next to the register can
prompt additional sales or inform customers.
* In-store video displays can promote specials, new products and services, whilst
customers are browsing.
* Videos can be played at other sites, or other stores that have people waiting in cues.
* Videos can be compressed to be used on web sites.
* Staff training, - the more staff and stores you have the more important a training video
becomes. It can also help improve company loyalty.
* Corporate video, informing clients of your business.
* An affordable LCD screen placed in the shop front can display your special meals to
entice prospective customers. Use it to promote your menu 24/7.
* Use footage to advertise your restaurant and meals at other sites in your area. Some
business partners are happy to oblige.
As we are a small studio with low overheads, our prices are very low for the quality of
production and service you receive. Also, by being a small business we are flexible to
your individual needs and are not set to any procedures or conditions.
FREE ! Microstudios will provide all clients the best service possible at all times. We will
always meet our commitments in both time and quality.
Our objective is that you receive the best overall experience, with a smile.
Remember, by being slightly different and thinking outside the usual square an
inexpensive audio visual production can produce remarkable results!
Indicative Prices as at 15th August 2008
Generic SALE video from $70+gst
Custom SALE videos from $140+gst
Product videos from $250+gst
In-store promo videos from $250+gst
Restaurant Menu Videos from $250+gst
Training Videos from $300+gst
Please note: the above are just indicative prices for basic productions. Depending upon
your individual application and requirements the price will vary. We only use royalty free
music in our productions, so no further licenses and payments are required.
Additional fees apply were a video is to be used on more than one display at any time.
Hardware: We can supply some wholesale hardware items from the following suppliers
if required- HP/Compaq, Canon, Toshiba, Samsung, NEC, Kingston
Talk to us for some new bright ideas!
Ring Peter on (02) 9583-1213 or 0418-161467.
We are looking forward to assisting you boost both your sales and image.