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Conference Audio 
We can help make any conference into a
memorable success by adding that extra
dimension, sound!
The importance of sound is usually grossly
underestimated or ignored. For instance the
sound track of a movie is just as important as
the movie itself. Imagine any modern day movie
with just the performers vocals and no music to
set the mood and atmosphere. Even worse, imagine playing inappropriate music in a
scene, for example playing soft classical music to a fast action packed car chase. The
scene will be a non-event, the same applies to conferences, on-hold music/messages
and other events in our life.
We at Microstudios can produce inexpensive productions for your next conference or
function. We have a large library of royalty free music to use and we produce our own
where the need arises. Consider the following possibilities:
A conference pre-start production including music and
introduction voice-overs. This will help set your attendees in the
right frame of mind for the commencement of the conference.
The voice-overs can include anything from just gratuity for
attending, promotion, sponsor messages, new product
information or company trivia/information. 
An audio company logo that can be used as a theme for the
conference. This could also be used as part of the presentation. 
Audio to be included in the presentation.
Impact audio for a product launch. 
Exiting music with voice-overs so attendees leave with a memorable experience. 
No matter whether your conference is for 10 or 1,000 people, our production is
affordable. Please contact us, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.